The Misfreaks

An animated cartoon series set in a circus amongst a troupe of performing freak show artists.
The atmosphere is dark, heavy with faded colors emphasizing the listless memories of past glories, obscuring any future. The vibrant, colorful and whimsical personalities of the unique characters and their interactions contrast vividly against this dull and dreary atmosphere.

Constantly on the brink of bankruptcy, the eccentric owner, Pearl, decides to join a reality show to ensure the survival of The Circus (as well as feeding his own veracious personal appetites).
The Circus opens its doors to the TV crew to film the habits of these extraordinary characters,
dealing with normal life situations; inevitably misunderstandings, mayhem, madness, unrequired love
and situations to the point of absurdity unfold in real time.

In a caricature of the caricature that is reality, the participants will reveal themselves to the viewers; as
characters are formed through their experiences and especially thanks to their
countless personal, but very public, confessions.